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J Scott Halverson Law Offices Drug/alcohol impaired injuries

Drunk driving is becoming very common, which is one of the reasons why there are separate special laws for those who violate the rule on driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you have been injured by a drunk driver, you have several remedies to ensure that the driver faces the penalties he/she deserves and that you receive the right amount of compensation for the damages. But you need a good lawyer to assist you with all the things you need to file. It’s more convenient if you have someone professional to tell you exactly what to do.

Why do you need a lawyer when you get injured?

There might be a lot of loopholes when you are involved in a drunk driving incident. Per experience, some accused got away because they either have a good defense lawyer or the drug or alcohol tests ran were not accurate. This would be your weakness if you don’t have a lawyer beside you. In case you got involved in this kind of accident, you need a lawyer to inform you of your remedies. You need a professional to tell you what to do and what your options are.

Also, a lawyer will do his best to get what you deserve. With a good lawyer, you have a great chance to claim compensation for the injury and damages incurred. Plus, you have a strong defense to convict the driver depending on how big the damages were. Lawyers are the best people from whom you can seek help. They were professionals and competent to know where you are standing.

J Scott Halverson Law as your injury lawyer

Whether it’s your first time getting involved in a drunk driving accident or not, you need a good lawyer. J Scott Haverson Law is composed of great Phoenix lawyers who can assist you with your case. We have experienced DWI injury lawyers who can give you the best advice so you can claim damages. We have been in practice for years and with this experience, we can say that our potential is immeasurable. You can rely on Tempe AZ personal injury lawyers throughout the process. Whether it’s filing the complaint, appearing in hearings, or telling you what to do, you can always rely on us.

Also, here at J Scott Halverson Law, we know the ins and outs of injury cases brought by drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs. We’ve seen and handled cases like this before and this has become a part of our experience. If you want someone who has handled similar cases before to work with you, then our Tempe drug and alcohol impaired injury lawyers are the top choice you have.

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