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Car Accident Attorney

Our experienced car accident lawyer discusses avenues of financial recovery and your legal options related to injuries sustained in an automobile accident occurring within Arizona.

What can you do to restore a sense of order and coherence to your world? How should you deal with the physical, emotion, and financial pain? How might the insurance process—and, potentially, the legal process—play out? What are the best practices?

Experienced Car Accident Lawyers in Tempe and Chandler

Our car accident attorneys in Tempe explore the statistics; the costs, types, and causes of automobile accidents. We explain what to do (and what to avoid doing) after a motor vehicle accident with Arizona law and how our law firm can help you.

What You Need to Know About Arizona  Motor Vehicle Accident Law to Protect Your Rights

There is a time limit on how long you have to file a lawsuitTake too long to get going, and you forfeit your right to compensation. This is important to bear in mind because there is a lot of work to do before filing suit. You must retain a car accident lawyer, conduct investigations, review legal doctrines, and construct your case.

In general, Arizona law says that actions for personal injuries must commence within two years. When it comes to property damage, you have five years to bring legal action.

Pick the right defendant. Some defendants have more resources than others. It is no use to sue a wrongdoer who has no chance of paying you. For instance, perhaps the driver was working for a company when he rear-ended you. If that company failed to train the driver or allowed that person to drive despite a shoddy driving history, you may be able to take action against that company (or its insurer).

Structure your case properly. Perhaps the driver or owner of the car acted negligently. The law defines this concept in a very specific way. To prove negligence, you must show that the defendant owed you a legal duty; he breached that duty; and that breach caused your injuries, which caused your damages.

Arizona is a “fault-based” state. The person responsible pays for the damages. But Arizona also follows a modified comparative negligence system in determining fault. A plaintiff must demonstrate that any fault of his own did not tally to 50% of the injury. Otherwise, the case will be dismissed.

Arizona law does not have a cap on damages. No limit exists for seeking compensation for medical bills, lost wages, property damages, pain and suffering, disfigurement, or loss of companionship.

Arizona law requires that all drivers maintain certain levels of insurance coverage as followsDeath or injury ($20,000 vehicle liability insurance); two deaths or injuries ($40,000 vehicle liability insurance); vehicle and property damage ($15,000 vehicle liability insurance); and uninsured motorist coverage (equal to insured’s injury coverage).

Typically, the insured will file an insurance claim under their policy for medical bills, property damage, damage to their car, etc. However, if you are injured, you will typically want to obtain insurance proceeds from the at-fault party. The at-fault driver may not have any insurance coverage. In that case, you can either make a claim with your insurer or sue the driver for damages. Collecting from uninsured defendants can be difficult, but the court does have the power to set up payment plans, garnish wages, and suspend licenses.

10 Things Insurance Companies DO NOT Want You to Know!

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Some Early Advice

What To Do, And NOT Do If You Are Injured

1) Social Media Can DESTROY Your Case!

Shelly W. Warns ..
Don’t ever talk about your accident on social media. As i was sitting in my hospital bed with a broken leg and a fairly serious head injury, I sent a social media post stating that I had been in a fairly serious accident but “luckily I wasn’t hurt too bad”. I just didn’t want my friends and family to worry about me, despite the fact I was in in pretty bad shape. That phrase cost me a fortune .. one which I’m still paying off and will be for many years to come. I’m so angry they used this against me.

The Insurance company used this to avoid paying most of my hospital bills and associated treatments which I needed for the next 4 months. They claimed I was making this up due to my comment on social media, and refused to pay my bills. This was the worst mistake of my life and I recommend getting a lawyer to help you with any injury that was not your fault so they can help you avoid costly mistakes like this. Trust me….hire Scott Halverson immediately!

2) Don’t speak with anyone except immediate family or healthcare professionals. (Especially not their Insurance company)

Joshua spoke to an insurance company without a lawyer representing him and the other person’s insurance company used a series of questions to diminish the severity of the injuries and the impact on their personal and professional life. He was forced to settle for a very small amount, which didn’t even come close to covering his long term effects from his injuries. By recording this interview and using his answers in court, the insurance company was able to get out of paying over $230,000 that should have been awarded to the client. Lesson learned, don’t try to outsmart insurance companies, they have done this a long time and know all the tactics to reduce what they should be paying you. By hiring us, we’ll make sure this, as well as a hundred other things like this don’t happen to you!

3) Take Pictures Immediately

If you are able, make sure to take pictures of the following:
     1) Both cars with many different angles
     2) The other person’s driver’s license
     3) The other person’s insurance information
     4) Any injuries you or any of your passengers may have experienced
     5.) The surroundings like the intersection, stoplights or stop signs
     6) Anything significant that could have contributed to the accident such as the angle of the sun, obstructions, or positions of cars.

By taking pictures, you can really add a lot to your case to prove that they were in the wrong. Without these your case will be much more difficult and may turn into a “he said she said” scenario. Pictures can be very convincing and dispel many ideas on what may have happened to cause the accident. Even pictures of things you don’t consider relevant can be extremely important when building your case.

4) Don’t Settle Too Soon!

Insurance companies are smart….very smart and they have done this a thousand of times and have been able to practice and learn what words to say, and things to do to give you the least amount possible, and in some cases trick you into settling for what seems like a decent sum of money. Many times victims realize too late this isn’t even enough to cover the first round of hospital bills, let alone any ongoing treatments they may have needed for rehabilitation or adjustments to help the injuries heal.

Imagine not being able to get treatments that could lead to life long disabilities and pain for you or a loved one. This is just not fair that they escaped their obligation to take care of these treatments and care. Our advice … always contact a lawyer as soon as possible to help you take care of your injury so you are not taken advantage of by crafty insurance companies that are trying to pay as little as possible and stick you with the bill. If you try and beat them at their game…you will lose.

5) Insurance Companies will say “Don’t worry about getting a lawyer, we’ll take care of everything”


This should throw up a BIG RED FLAG if you hear these words! Insurance companies are built to charge as much as they can for their policies and pay out as little as possible no matter who it hurts (which is usually you or your family). You should always have a professional advocate who will fight for your rights in these types of situations where so much is at stake.

6) Don’t agree to a recorded statement!

This should also throw up a red flag if you are asked if it’s ok to record a phone call. This is their way of saying, “we will use this against you later”.  If you answer even one question incorrectly, even though you may think it’s ok to answer that way, your words can be used to justify them not paying you the full amount you will need to cover your injuries, and perhaps not pay you at all.  Have a professional law firm answer these complicated and deceiving questions for you to protect yourself!

7) Protect Yourself. Hire a lawyer immediately.

We know how insurance companies work!  They speak a different language than the common person which puts you at a severe disadvantage.  What you say, they record, and every word you say matters … a lot, and it can cost you a fortune!

They have words and phrases they use to support paying you as little as possible.  That is their job … to pay out as little as possible.  Don’t be this guy’s next victim and be taken advantage of.  A good legal team behind you can ensure that you are fully taken care of for all your injuries, pain and suffering as well as missed time at work and other impacts on your life. 

8) Don’t Pay Until You Win!

You shouldn’t have to pay a dime to your lawyers unless they win.  Protect yourself from further loss by never agreeing to pay for legal services until they have won the case for you.  This will ensure they do their best job to get you what you need and reduce your out-of-pocket expenses at one of the most expensive times of your life.
We are so confident that we will win your case, we commit to giving you 100% of our efforts and will only receive payment for our work after you win.  This is our iron-clad commitment to you!