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Personal Injury & Professional Negligence Law Practice Areas

Scott Halverson, PC represents people who are injured or killed in accidents or as a consequence of the negligent acts of medical professionals, nursing homes or companies.

Our attorneys are recognized by colleagues as well as former clients for the results we have achieved and for our professionalism. When you retain our law firm to represent yourself or your family, you can rest assured that we will put your interests first.

Below we have assembled some of the matters we work on according to case type. By visiting each page, we hope you find information that is helpful to your situation.

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Even if you are unsure of who may be responsible for an incident, our Tempe personal injury law firm is ready to assist you so your incident can be investigated and the responsible parties can be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.


    Car and Motor Vehicle Accidents

    With 35,092 fatalities and more than 2.2 million people sustaining injuries in 2018 (see NHTSA), motor vehicle accidents remain on the largest threats to your physical and financial well being. The Arizona MVA attorneys at Scott Halverson Law, PC have experience settling and litigating cases involving serious injuries and fatalities involving:

    • N Car Accidents
    • N Truck Accidents
    • N Motorcycle Accident
    • N Pedestrian Accidents
    • N Bicycle Accidents
    • N Bus Accidents
    • N Drunk Driving
    • N Uber Accidents
    • N Lyft Accidents
    • N Boat Accident Injuries


    Medical Malpractice and Professional Negligence

    When you see a doctor or go to a medical facility such as a hospital or nursing home for care, Arizona law requires that you are treated in a competent manner. When medical professionals deviate from the accepted standard of care and a patient is injured or killed, a lawsuit may be filed against them.

    Scott Halverson Law, PC represents individuals and families in the following types of medical negligence cases:

    • N Surgical Errors
    • N Cerebral Palsy
    • N Anesthesia Errors
    • N Emergency Room Malpractice
    • N Wrongful Death
    • N DVT
    • N Never Events


    Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

    Arizona nursing home patients are protected under the Nursing Home Care Act, which is intended to safeguard the rights of patents and set standards for their care. Unfortunately, as more corporate owners enter the industry, the quality of care patients’ receive commonly does not comply with the law. Our attorneys regularly prosecute nursing home cases involving:

    • NBed Sores
    • NFalls
    • NMedication Errors
    • NChoking
    • NElopement and Wandering
    • NDropped Patients
    • NSexual Assault
    • NFatal Accidents
    • NAssisted Living Accidents
    • NGroup Home Abuse


    Work Accidents

    As an employee injured at work, you are likely entitled to recover benefits under the Arizona Workers Compensation Act. The Act provides for necessities such as payment of wages and medical expenses while you are injured. When a work accident is related to the negligence of a third-party, you are entitled to recover additional compensation that goes beyond what is offered under the Act. Scott Halverson Law, PC has experience representing people injured at work in the following case types.

    • N Workers Compensation
    • N Construction Accidents
    • N Railroad Worker Accidents
    • N Jones Act Workers
    • N Factory Accidents
    • N Industrial Accidents
    • N Forklift Accidents


    Premises Liability

    Property owners have a legal duty to maintain their premises in a safe manner and free from dangerous conditions. When the dangerous condition results in an accident involving an injury, the injured person has a right to recover compensation for their injuries and related medical expenses. Below are frequent incidents that are referred to as premises liability lawsuits.

    • NPremises Liability Attorneys
    • NSlip & Fall Accidents
    • NCarbon Monoxide Poisoning
    • NSwimming Pool Drowning
    • NStairway Falls
    • NApartment Accidents


    Wrongful Death

    When a family member is fatally injured or killed in an accident or due to the negligence of a professional or corporation, Arizona law allows the family of the deceased to file a wrongful death lawsuit to recover compensation for their financial and emotional loss.

    Scott Halverson Law, PC has experience prosecuting the following types of wrongful death cases:

    • NMedical Malpractice Wrongful Death
    • NFatal Auto Accidents
    • NNursing Home Fatalities
    • NMotorcycle Accidents
    • NConstruction Worker Fatalities
    • NSemi-Truck Accidents


    Serious Injury Cases

    An injury involving yourself or a family member may send you looking for information to ascertain the immediate and long-term implications. Our accident lawyers have assembled information about what you can expect regarding medical treatment for these injuries. We have also evaluated data from frequent accident types to assist you in getting an idea as to how these injuries get evaluated from a case settlement perspective.

    • NBroken Bones
    • NBrain Injuries
    • NBurns
    • NParalysis
    • NAmputations
    • NBack & Neck Injury


    Drug Recalls

    There is a tremendous financial incentive for pharmaceutical companies to develop and market drugs that offer a cure for almost every human woe. Unfortunately, some of these medications cause more harm than good and some patients develop significant complications or even die as a consequence of poorly developed medication or when they are not tested on a long-term basis.

    Below is a sampling of current pharmaceutical drug litigation that our office is involved in:

    • NZantac Cancers
    • NTalcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits
    • NUloric
    • NValsartan Cancers: Kidney, Liver, Colon


    Defective Medical Devices

    The FDA is responsible for the regulation and approval of medical devices used to treat illness and for devices that are surgically implanted. The agency needs to balance the introduction of new devices to help people with the responsibility to protect the public from inherently dangerous devices. Sometimes manufacturing defects or medical complications that arise when the device is used on a longer-term basis develop with these devices resulting in serious harm to patients. When a medical device malfunctions or is inherently defective and a patient is injured, they may be able to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer, distributor or even the medical facility where the device was used.

    Below are some examples of medical device lawsuits that our attorneys can prosecute:

    • N Hernia Mesh
    • N Allergan Breast Implants
    • N IVC Filter Migration
    • N Stryker Hip Metal Poisoning


    Other Personal Injury

    Listed Here you will find some cases that are commonly referred to as ‘personal injury’ matters. We understand that there may be situations involving an injury that may not cleanly fit into a specific category. Whatever your circumstance, our law firm is committed to helping you hold the responsible parties accountable in order to recover the maximum compensation the law allows for your situation.

    • NPharmacy Errors & Misfills
    • NProduct Liability
    • NDog Bite Attack
    • NPam Cooking Spray Explosions
    • NPharmacy Errors
    • NRoundup
    • NSexual Assault
    • NInjuries to Minors